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8582462991 or +18582462991

Stop calling commented 2019-05-16
Scam number


9183307834 or +19183307834

Unknown commented 2019-05-16
This # called me Tuesday evening, May 14, 2019


7868140324 or +17868140324

Franky commented 2019-05-16
Is this number not for the US Green Card Lottery customer service centre.? I was given this number by someone who called me from there. After securing a lawyer, found out its a SCAM. But soon will be confronting with local authoritys in Miami to deal with this.


8884330135 or +18884330135

Jimmy. commented 2019-05-16
Its a SCAM!!!


7047092077 or +17047092077

Chris Mullins commented 2019-05-16
I received same message from same number. Live in rural Missouri. Mine said my social was going to be suspended.I knew was scam. North Carolina number for Social Security. Don't think so. I called and one of first things they asked was my Social. Told them they called me and said was going to suspend my number cause of fraudulent use. Asked to explain what it was used for then asked why they needed me to give number,since they knew was being used. They should know number. They didn't know what to say an hung up.Lmao.


8772634802 or +18772634802

Anon commented 2019-05-16
Scam "Microsoft" tech support


8554240668 or +18554240668

Jennifer commented 2019-05-16
Trying to find out if this is a scam phone number


6619035707 or +16619035707

Look commented 2019-05-16
This phone number has been harassing me. First by calling me, then sending me rude, potty mouth, and obscene text messages.


4254677704 or +14254677704

Bob Smith commented 2019-05-16
Called early AM, no Voicemail left.


8888151294 or +18888151294

Larry commented 2019-05-16
Call from 888.815.1294 purporting to be the IRS letting me know my SS had been cancelled.


4258666017 or +14258666017

NoThanks commented 2019-05-15
Caller ID said "United States" Did not answer. No message left


8771823213 or +18771823213

chris commented 2019-05-16
this number and several other numbers keep calling and saying my social security number has been compromised and because of this they are going to have to block it. They know my name and all so be aware!!!


3086625454 or +13086625454

Mike commented 2019-05-15
Called left no message----probably a SCAM


7244972778 or +17244972778

Lora commented 2019-05-15
It may be a scammer


8771653213 or +18771653213

Julie commented 2019-05-15
This is one of those nonsense IRS scams. Press 1 and waste their time as long as you can.


7853184285 or +17853184285

Steve commented 2019-05-15
When calling this number back its states its not in service. Most likely a neighbor spoof number


8322060956 or +18322060956

Dorothy Nimayere commented 2019-05-15
I'm finding it difficult to reach the owner. I want to reach the owner


8005203439 or +18005203439

MaryAnn commented 2019-05-15
Left a message saying they were S.S. and they were calling cause my SS# is suspend (that's the way they said it, suspend) so I called the number back and it didn't ring and a lady's voice said "press one for an agent". I hung up to check out the number and they called me right back. I still didn't answer, wanted to see if anybody else are getting similar calls


8444087777 or +18444087777

WPChurch commented 2019-05-15
USPS identified as - left message re: our postal service and he had some tips that might be helpful in the future.


8176386949 or +18176386949

Tina commented 2019-05-15
Stupid health care apen enrollment computer spoken recordings and then they hang up