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8770853213 or +18770853213

Kamran commented 2019-05-14
I just got a call from these con artists but they didn't leave a voicemail.


8770853213 or +18770853213

Mary commented 2019-05-14
Scammers! Got a call from this number saying they are from social security, asking for my social security number because it appears to be compromised and want to verify it wtf...I told them I was going to go to SSA office in person and they hang up


8443384376 or +18443384376

Susan commented 2019-05-14
Called my cell phone. Nothing on caller ID but phone number. I didn’t answer the call because I didn’t recognize the number. They left a partial message on voice mail, something about calling this number before they initiate legal action. Probably a scam as I haven’t received anything by mail about legal action.


8559166111 or +18559166111

Christina commented 2019-05-14
keep getting calls guy speaks broken claims I signed up for there service when I cancelled and made a fraud claim, when the tried to take money from my bank accounts etc. I could say more.


8335566972 or +18335566972

Kim commented 2019-05-14
Dumbhead try to say i killed someone lol....


9144598989 or +19144598989

Tatyana commented 2019-05-14
Scam likely


8009766134 or +18009766134

Tc commented 2019-05-14
Scary scammer


6088025501 or +16088025501

jp commented 2019-05-14
They wanted me to say yes and talk about medicare


8448717847 or +18448717847

Mjk commented 2019-05-14
Calls started at 7:33 am. Says private number. No name, No voicemail messages, so I blocked it. Rude, when I called to see who called again a 2nd time, some weird foreign accent, man's voice, trying to use social security for his scam. In the title of his work company name that he gave, was unrecognizable names. He asked for my ss#, told him I don't trust him. He tried to reinsure, I said, SS doesn't call unless a set appointment meeting from a letter up. You can trust me he said again. Still I didn't know what, who, why he called me so early! Had to be a scammer trying to still my ID, and possibly my money too!


3185230426 or +13185230426

Paul commented 2019-05-14
Fake job offers and Facebook hacker


3523061151 or +13523061151

Satan Claus commented 2019-05-14
Indeed, some users have signed this phone number as "Ahealthcouncil".


3523061151 or +13523061151

Uncle Hank commented 2019-05-14
Called my cell. NUmber unknown. Blocked same. Other search engines ascribe this No. to "AHEALTHCOUNCIL" Am suspicious . . . .


9375191475 or +19375191475

scott commented 2019-05-14
scammer phone. don't answer this number


4807194068 or +14807194068

Francisco Chávez commented 2019-05-14
I receive a call from this number, and ir look's a fake call. Please check it out


6466613253 or +16466613253

Tialane commented 2019-05-14
You just phoned me 20 min ago and i missed the call by accident. Would you mind phoning me again please and maybe tell Me what's it about


7024408216 or +17024408216

Marichie commented 2019-05-14
It's calling me and I have not been able to answer it...I don't know who it is.


2139211920 or +12139211920

lowes hotel commented 2019-05-14
this phone number is saying that its a hotel number and offering jobs...


4242623293 or +14242623293

Satan Claus commented 2019-05-14
Some users have signed this phone number as "Car Sales".


8770743213 or +18770743213

Satan Claus commented 2019-05-14
Some users have signed this phone number as "Social Security Scam".


8882810777 or +18882810777

Satan Claus commented 2019-05-14
There are 15 complaints about spam on this phone number.