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8006749909 or +18006749909

Debra commented 2019-05-13
Claims to be from social security making statement there has been claims made against my as number.


3308066779 or +13308066779

jay commented 2019-05-13
need info


8888150912 or +18888150912

Andrea commented 2019-05-13
I am receiving persistent calls from this number claiming to be the SSA. They are NOT!!


9197288647 or +19197288647

John commented 2019-05-13
Received call from number several times, never leaves a message.


8888150910 or +18888150910

Stop calling commented 2019-05-13
Dangerous caller, keeps calling and calling.


8888150910 or +18888150910

Unwanted caller commented 2019-05-13
Unknown and unwanted caller calls multiple times


8009743059 or +18009743059

Caroline commented 2019-05-13
Message left to call social security-needing info-this is a SCAM!!! 800-974-3059


4695602897 or +14695602897

S.Claus commented 2019-05-13
Message reads as follows "Yolanda, We love to spoil our customers Please enjoy and have am amazing day" I have no idea who Yolanda is and why I get messages about fast cash making deals. SPAM SPAM SPAM


8774370924 or +18774370924

Kelly commented 2019-05-13
I received a call from this number saying my student loans were forgiven. No idea what that means. I can't find any more information about the number.


4172050543 or +14172050543

Me commented 2019-05-13
Left a voice recording in an Asian dialect


8778536747 or +18778536747

Meg commented 2019-05-13
This number says they can help with federal student loans and reduce your interest rate, but do not say what company is associated.


4120364963 or +14120364963

Possessed commented 2019-05-13


8779769076 or +18779769076

nicole commented 2019-05-13
I also purchased jewelry from this company called Christian Jewelry and they charged my account and i have never received my order. I have also sent three emails with no response and the phone number doesn't work.


9758269797 or +19758269797

Anuj commented 2019-05-13
He is a scico & hress the women


9542481778 or +19542481778

Donna commented 2019-05-13
Came up as “Fraud Risk Auto-Blocked” on my cell.


6616011755 or +16616011755

Lori Kennedy commented 2019-05-13
This is a credit card scam


8435919302 or +18435919302

Satan Claus commented 2019-05-13
This phone number belongs to Nada Godbolt. E-mail:


8334015464 or +18334015464

Tina commented 2019-05-13
Robocall. Claims to be an executive from the Social Security Administration. As if they're going to record and executive and play it back on a phone call. Threatening legal action and saying to call this number back. Then goes into a man you to press one to speak to an executive, and when you press 1 you get a message saying it's an illegal menu option.


8435919302 or +18435919302

Rita commented 2019-05-13
Harassing, repeated calls.


8058709703 or +18058709703

Aiman commented 2019-05-13
Hi ! I received a message about one hour ago that i was able to receive a message too. Can someoner explain me for what ? Thanks