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9132565309 or +19132565309

Sahara commented 2020-05-21
Want to know who he is because they call me about a parcel


7046103665 or +17046103665

masha commented 2020-05-21


6156966620 or +16156966620

joe commented 2020-05-21
Joe Biden is a Criminals. with a Dem***** ***itician there is No Future. They are the most dishonest and corrupt in the world! We can fix the problem!


5206002680 or +15206002680

Francis Charles Trzceinski commented 2020-05-21
I keep getting several calls a day and they do not leave any message. I finally had to block it.


5402749090 or +15402749090

Seznámení commented 2020-05-21
Na seznamce lidé.cz mi poslal jeden muž tohle číslo, prý by bylo lepší psát si přes WhatsApp


7046103665 or +17046103665

Nika commented 2020-05-20
Hi. Who is it?


5752102840 or +15752102840

me commented 2020-05-20
scammer hang up


8662813256 or +18662813256

Pamela commented 2020-05-20
They called me on a restricted line first.... Told me they had legal documents for me to sign .. I told them to send them certified mail then . The foreign guy said "NO WE BRING THEM TO YOUR DOOR" then told them I wasn't signing anything without it being CERTIFIED mail or served to my door Through the courts... They did show up at my door...I didn't answer... Then they called from this number.. BUT THE FACT THAT THEY ACTUALLY KNOCKED ON THE DOOR OF MY HOME, IS ACTUALLY FRIGHTING


2243600409 or +12243600409

Laura commented 2020-05-20
I received a perverted text from this phone number I do not know this number so I blocked it


6672472092 or +16672472092

Agent R commented 2020-05-20
Simple it's a scam.


8867392549 or +18867392549

aa commented 2020-05-20
Who could it be?


4782533197 or +14782533197

Вера Николаевна commented 2020-05-20
звонят и сбрасывают,


8103213641 or +18103213641

Kate commented 2020-05-20
They called and said they were with agent directive, and asked how I was doing today, then hung up.


5512095371 or +15512095371

Barb * commented 2020-05-20
This is spam, they called, allegedly, with some kind of survey


7192492459 or +17192492459

Paul * commented 2020-05-20
No need to call me every hour, I don’t know who it is, so I won’t answer.


7735703030 or +17735703030

Lee * commented 2020-05-20
This is like the most common spam call, no more, I just do not answer this number.


8328623362 or +18328623362

Jennifer * commented 2020-05-20
This number calls every day at the same time, I put it on the black list.


8652050760 or +18652050760

Gerberth * commented 2020-05-20
I suspect that this is spam


3306458063 or +13306458063

Cobra Shoku commented 2020-05-20
This phone number is a scam


8339550079 or +18339550079

GM commented 2020-05-20
Debbie, have you gone to your bank to dispute the charges? I have reported them to the BBB and in the process of contacting the AG in their place of business and my state AG. These people are scammers! Here’s what happened to me.... Keto Fit *ills were advertised buy 3 get 2 for $34.95. Yesterday evening 5/19/2020 I was trying to purchase the keto fit *ills 60 *abs in one bottle for $34.95/bottle for buy 3 get 2 free. During the checkout process, they asked if I wanted a bottle of Keto Booster for $34.98. I clicked on the Keto Booster to get more info then the whole checkout page where my cart was disappeared. I thought the transaction fell through and I checked my email and there was no confirmation of the purchase and I checked my card and no charges were yet made. At this point, I was having serious suspicions about this company and felt happy that my order did not go through. Or so I thought. I went to bed early and at about 3am EST today, I checked my inbox and found nothing from these people, however, when i checked my spam folder, there were two invoices sitting there - 1) for $198.70 for the Keto Fit and 2) for the Keto Booster for $34.98. These people fraudulently charged my card for items I was not allowed to confirm at checkout. Further, they conducted in false advertising by luring people to the buy 3 get 2 for $34.95. They also snuck in a product, the Keto Booster without my permission and charged me for that as well. These people also placed me on a monthly subscription even if I did not subscribe to an auto ship program. I learned about this because I had to file for a cancellation when I called them. This business, I realize now is not very reliable and may have changed names overtime. Both of the invoices I received were from PREMIUMKETOSTORE with contact info below: Contact Information Customer Support Center: 8339550079 (Toll-Free) Email Customer Support: