Forum to exchange fast scan information about phone numbers in the US


8009309066 or +18009309066

Ronald * commented 2020-05-19
This number is unfamiliar to me, I did not find information about it anywhere, so I am not going to answer or call back.


8442137850 or +18442137850

Aaron * commented 2020-05-19
At first I assumed that from this number they simply made a mistake, but when it called me again and again, I realized that this was not an accident, but spam


8778877815 or +18778877815

Dawid * commented 2020-05-19
Unfortunately I do not have information about this phone number, but I will be glad if someone shares what they know about it


2028510029 or +12028510029

Stewart * commented 2020-05-19
I wonder who could call me in the middle of the night?


5448989999 or +15448989999

dfgdbf commented 2020-05-19
hi whose number is this?


5707014157 or +15707014157

Probal Ghosh commented 2020-05-19
This number is a scam. I received a missed call from this number and I called back. I am in India. Some person picked up and saying hello, hello disconnected the phone. The next thing I see in my bill this month is that I have a bill for talking to this number for 1 hr and 10 mins.


3462582118 or +13462582118

M commented 2020-05-19
This is the number of a freight forwarding scammer.


6193542271 or +16193542271

Anna commented 2020-05-19
This number most likely has a marriage fraudster.


4806463976 or +14806463976

Rolande commented 2020-05-19
This unidentified service left a text message about my wife's dental appointment. The only indication of the source was a link to a web page. The link looked like random letters, however, when opened the pdf file name included the name of the local dental practise. An American telephone number for an Irish dental service aroused my curiosity!


4159738200 or +14159738200

Roel Janaban commented 2020-05-19
Hi. I'm from Philippines and I received a call from this number +14159738200. When I pick up the phone no one answered me. Then I searched this number on Google and then on Google Map then somehow it leads me into a creepy place.


9513803243 or +19513803243

Aditi commented 2020-05-19
I wish to know location and possibly the name of caller. In order to judge whether the identity of caller is true or fake.


2198091963 or +12198091963

Cece in Ndola commented 2020-05-19
Am from Zambia and the number above wants details so that he can send USD 5000000 which i have refused and he or she is crook a fraud star using this number +12198091963


8139125167 or +18139125167

Sudarsi Thomas Nageswararao commented 2020-05-19
Good support.


6284954378 or +16284954378

Husn commented 2020-05-19


8666030943 or +18666030943

kurt commented 2020-05-19
Received a card in the mail labeled Property Notification wanting me to call 866-603-0943 with regard to a transfer of ownership of my property. Just for the **** of it I called the number and the call ended shortly after a recorded message began. The return address on the card was 9601 Valaretta Dr in Gretna NE. Turns out a Michael T Kramer lives at this address, his numbers are 402-486-0412 and cell number is 402-718-7697 according to what I could find on the net. My guess is he is a grifter and a bad player right here in our own backyard.


2029258083 or +12029258083

Michelle commented 2020-05-19
This phone number is a business scam ,,, theses people I do believe are based in china , they r stealing artist pictures of REBORN DOLLS they r a fake is a reborn says it's about $150 that is not true because the doll u get ( if it ever comes ) is a cheap knock off it is not real,,, PLEASE DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES I DID ! Again people these dolls r made in china and not by the real artists of the reborn dolls or silicone dolls ,, these guys r fake ,, watch out for cheap prices it is not the real deal ! Also wish has a few of the fake knock offs too they use the pictures of the person who did that baby as their own ,, some on amazon too ,,, if u find a real site u will know because the price will b somewhere from $800 to thousand of dollars,,


8885212008 or +18885212008

Michelle commented 2020-05-19
Received several calls from this number and others. They are claiming to be a scan saying they are from Microsoft. They are not and do not give any information to these nuts


9802942623 or +19802942623

Bexruz commented 2020-05-19
Log out the account


2676910927 or +12676910927

Lynn commented 2020-05-19
Someone with an Asian accent called me with a scam about someone charging something on my Amazon acct.


7735014140 or +17735014140

Grace commented 2020-05-18
Continously calling...but i don't know who is this?