Forum to exchange fast scan information about phone numbers in the US


8280485566 or +18280485566

Tina commented 2020-05-18
Got call from this number they didn't say anything but belched really loud in the phone. people are so rude and disgusting


9292231721 or +19292231721

Ryan commented 2020-05-18
Its the personal number for the founder of VOLTONIX LLC


5614706280 or +15614706280

Angel commented 2020-05-18
Ok perfect


4702809793 or +14702809793

Honna- Benny commented 2020-05-18
SCAM! Called claiming to be a hospital administrator in the accounting department. I hung up and 2-3 hours later they called yet again but this time they were IRS needing important information about for their investigation & I was going to be jailed if I didn't go get a Walmart gift card & tell them the numbers. (470)280-9793


3523616401 or +13523616401

Gary commented 2020-05-18
called multiple times then text message asking "Who is this?" probable phishing attempt


9592072834 or +19592072834

Saveurlife commented 2020-05-18
This is a text message I received. USPS NOTICE! (1) package awaits for you, My Name. Obtain it before next Fri replying Pack. Reply Stop to Opt Out. Not sure what it is but not willing to find out, I called the number and the message was that it was no longer in service. SCAM all the way.


5852046313 or +15852046313

fifi commented 2020-05-18
i want to call you


6467380750 or +16467380750

Pim commented 2020-05-18
+16467380750 Please check this number maybe scammer


7853834125 or +17853834125

Maria Gracia Banaticla commented 2020-05-18
Hello i just want to know that who is the owner of this Phone number +17853834125. I really want to know the name and the address.We Just need your help for this, its really important. Thank you very much.


9782883118 or +19782883118

Skorpion commented 2020-05-18
+10782883118 bekomme ich Nachrichten über viber, soll ich Bitcoin kaufen. Wem gehört diese Nummer?


8666121406 or +18666121406

Damien * commented 2020-05-18
I need to know who owns this phone number coz annoying calls


9179718998 or +19179718998

Alex * commented 2020-05-18
Yes I'm looking for who owns this spam number


2064831357 or +12064831357

Markus * commented 2020-05-18
Help me identify who called me 11 times today


2132129002 or +12132129002

Laurence * commented 2020-05-18
I did not, I do not and I will not answer calls from unknown numbers, leave all your spam to yourself!


2312161202 or +12312161202

Jeremy * commented 2020-05-18
This number is always silent when I answer these calls


6184414163 or +16184414163

VGV commented 2020-05-18
Whose number is this?


6572743193 or +16572743193

Not Happy commented 2020-05-18
Just for the record - this is a daily text about CBD oil. Every morning at 6:00 am. No matter how many times I reply stop another number does it! Ridiculous! They list an URL that is incomplete... so no one to complain to! Thanks for listening!


3236949888 or +13236949888

Shiva commented 2020-05-18
This phone number want messenger


5307862471 or +15307862471

i commented 2020-05-18
yes, i need information on this phone number


4128552876 or +14128552876

joan commented 2020-05-18
receiving phone calls unidentified number