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8166778416 or +18166778416

steve fortner commented 2020-05-16
Looking for old friend


8559490413 or +18559490413

Mitch commented 2020-05-16
Fraud!!!!! Tried to say fraud department from amazon after trying to order $6000 in merchandise


6206707673 or +16206707673

Amit commented 2020-05-16


9009596303 or +19009596303

pandyji commented 2020-05-16
band kro sim ko jaldi


4052765819 or +14052765819

Calbert * commented 2020-05-16
They called me from this number and said that I won a prize. But you have to pay a commission. Do not believe that this is a hoax.


4258732778 or +14258732778

Bantares * commented 2020-05-16
I received a message on the answering machine that I owed the bank money. I called the bank, it was not so.


5183752771 or +15183752771

Werdan * commented 2020-05-16
They call in the evenings and are silent. I think these are scammers, they check.


5183753576 or +15183753576

Oliver * commented 2020-05-16
They called for 3 minutes and were silent. I want to know who the owner of the room is.


5407079288 or +15407079288

Klaus * commented 2020-05-16
Who is calling and silent?


9594840133 or +19594840133

name shah commented 2020-05-16
i like games


6124589011 or +16124589011

Hunde file commented 2020-05-16
Luv u


8448021668 or +18448021668

pissed-off commented 2020-05-16
Scammers trying to get financial accounts. Claim to be SoCal Edison billing. CID shows Edison Electricians of ***xx. Possibly based in China because of lucky "668" ending number.


4133358348 or +14133358348

valerie aldridge commented 2020-05-16
call me - pay to play service


9572411045 or +19572411045

Bijay singh commented 2020-05-16


5619265137 or +15619265137

Leslie commented 2020-05-16
The number 1-561-926-5137 is the place where the call came from, but our called identifier showed 1-404-551-3778. They called my parents and said they were from Medicare. They are NOT from Medicare. Please do not fall for it! They will pay Medicare for these problems and / or braces, and you will probably be billed for extra costs that Medicare does not cover! Just remember, if that sounds good, to be true ... it is!


6155103421 or +16155103421

JFT commented 2020-05-16
They call me 3-4 times a day without leaving any voice mail. Anyone knows who they are?


9567244421 or +19567244421

Raquel commented 2020-05-16
A meat wholesaler business located at the address of 3916 Main Ave, Laredo, TX. I think it's weird when they called the name Yolanda Orengo popped up. But I did not recognize this name and have never had someone by this name in my contacts before. It must be a scam. They left no voicemail and the picture online of the business looks sketchy. Anyways I recommend ignoring phone calls from this number.


6162392843 or +16162392843

Sarah commented 2020-05-15
I called from this number yesterday morning, but did not answer the call. Do not answer unknown numbers


8669159236 or +18669159236

Tiffany Baker commented 2020-05-15
I just received two text messages in a row telling me my online filing services cancellation request had been fulfilled. I have no idea what it is in regards to and the when I call the number I only get an automated service. I have not paid for any online filing services ever.


9529558181 or +19529558181

Michele B commented 2020-05-15
Probably just another SPAM call