Forum to exchange fast scan information about phone numbers in the US


8449888361 or +18449888361

Jackie commented 2019-12-02
No message left. Called 3 times and if they don't leave a message after the 3 time, I block them. Must not be important.


8001298525 or +18001298525

Darlene commented 2019-12-02
This is spam -- recording that there is a problem with your iCloud - I spoke to someone and told they they called an office - who do they specifically want to speak with -- they hung up.


3252290193 or +13252290193

Alex commented 2019-12-02
Every day call me. Who is it?


6074382170 or +16074382170

Yanet commented 2019-12-01
Quiero saber si la persona que me escribe de este nĂºmero es un estafador


8668272628 or +18668272628

Shivam Kshirsagar commented 2019-12-01
Mobile number serch


9406416514 or +19406416514

Mr Frank commented 2019-12-01
Is this addresss: / or phone number:+19406416514 scammers?


9178939491 or +19178939491

Ja Hkam Marip commented 2019-12-01
I find my old friend


9479272016 or +19479272016

Johann commented 2019-12-01
May i know whose number is this? Any information for this matter are highly much appreciated. Thank you.


9141672980 or +19141672980

Jane Doe commented 2019-12-01
Caller ID said "Potential Spam". No message was left.


3219782115 or +13219782115

Axel Gonzalez commented 2019-11-30
Quiero verte


8439417774 or +18439417774

Electrical commented 2019-11-30


3057499562 or +13057499562

Maltie commented 2019-11-30
Een zekere Alex Gautum belt met dit m nummer. Hij is een oplichter. Dus kijk uit.


8562421913 or +18562421913

GOJEK commented 2019-11-30
Maaf, saya dari Gojek, saya kan cuma ingin memberi tahu saja, untuk lebih baiknya dan nyamanya saja saya tidak memaki maki kan ?, saya ingin menginformasikan saja yang terbaik untuk customer dan agar Driver driver tidak ragu dalam mempickup customer


3859003324 or +13859003324

tony commented 2019-11-30


7734721396 or +17734721396

Nino Lauro commented 2019-11-30
Hi Nicole, Alexa or Douglas, mi e-mail address is Hope you see this message. Nino


8883506155 or +18883506155

Thomas Martin commented 2019-11-30
Microsoft/Google scam for information being hacked on your computor wanting you to call them. Don"t!


2055395556 or +12055395556

+12055395556 commented 2019-11-30


7862285162 or +17862285162

Grace Najm commented 2019-11-30
This number using as military whatsapp and I received a messages from it. And I have told that is used in mosul _ iraq


6140722663 or +16140722663

Suzel L Mitchell commented 2019-11-30
Robo call (?) saying suspicious activity was noticed on my social security number and I immediately hung up. Not sure if call was valid or not.


2398768363 or +12398768363

0Byte Solutions commented 2019-11-29
VEHICLE WARRANTY SCAM - Caller was a machine, kept trying to repeat that I was eligible to extend my warranty. When I asked twice "What is one plus one" instead of answering its questions, the machine rejected the call and hung up on me. Calling the number back from a blocked phone line resulted in silence, no ring then "goodbye" and disconnected.