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3105974842 or +13105974842

Chantalle commented 2019-11-29
i am in Canada and being harass by this number 5 times a day. do something about this scam and I will report it to the R.C.M.P.


8662315546 or +18662315546

0Byte Solutions commented 2019-11-29
DANGER! (BADLY) Translated robo-call stating my SSN was suspended & to press 1 to speak with someone. A VERY hard to understand Easterner (Indian? Pakistani?) answered and became VERY abusive and hung up on me after I refused to fall for his scam. Calling the number back resulted in being disconnected after several rings.


8008291282 or +18008291282

Kaylene commented 2019-11-30
Fraud, spam, identity theft


5208850897 or +15208850897

Eva commented 2019-11-29
Women be cearfull. This person try to scam you!!!!! He uses WhatsApp and uses stolen photos.


8661746568 or +18661746568

Sglmom commented 2019-11-29
Most likely another scammer


8003039070 or +18003039070

Somedude commented 2019-11-29
Scam artist cunts are using this number.


6095944898 or +16095944898

Eileen grandjean commented 2019-11-29
Someone called from this number left no message


4697712585 or +14697712585

Sandi commented 2019-11-29
A woman named Monica called to offer a FREE Caribbean Cruise in exchange for a 'review' or to tell your friends/family how wonderful it was. This outfit is called Vacation ?- she refused to give me the name again. They are located out of Fort Lauderdale Florida. BEWARE: This same outfit called me last year, and it turned out to be a scam alert on the internet about them.

8163190150 or +18163190150

กัญญารัตน์ ภูมิพันธ์ commented 2019-11-29
هاذا رقمي ود سترجاعه لاتنهتته


9406416514 or +19406416514

Dilip commented 2019-11-29
Unknown no with email msg (from - and copy to - to forward CV for an opportunity in USA. Can someone help advising genuineness to proceed with.


2128407250 or +12128407250

J Knipper commented 2019-11-29
Some automated call...


9163467867 or +19163467867

Tena commented 2019-11-28
This is my gov phone if you made it yo this page then your a stealer of my ongo thatd important to pnly me . So telsted setbiice had beem alarm6


5120733898 or +15120733898

josh commented 2019-11-28
says they are social security fraud department, but called on thanksgiving, this is a scam


2832967991 or +12832967991

Marg commented 2019-11-28
Did not and do not recognize the number, so did not answer Like most folks I get way too many scam etc calls.


2675074017 or +12675074017

Michael B. Kane commented 2019-11-28
Asking for money on the internet. Not sure what date site I came across them on, however they were willing to send n*de photos of unknown female. If I would send gas money they would come visit me. Also demanding my address. I would advise you to avoid them.


6465850516 or +16465850516

Anonymous commented 2019-11-28
Scammers to do with Greencard applications. Do not answer the call.


3218437777 or +13218437777

Tasmina commented 2019-11-28
missing my old friend. wanted to know whether he is alive or not.


9177790710 or +19177790710

gertrude commented 2019-11-28
They r a spam # and call many times on my land lime and cell even late at night.


2017967000 or +12017967000

Sharon commented 2019-11-28
Caller is a scammer.


6155418727 or +16155418727

Ryan E. commented 2019-11-28
This number is a major scammer off of Instagram, Please do not send any funds to CashApp $Amimecheleee03 they will take your money