Forum to exchange fast scan information about phone numbers in the US


9076914654 or +19076914654

Eric tesch commented 2019-11-24
Cheat and lie


8003786956 or +18003786956

TG commented 2019-11-24
This appears to be a SERIOUS FRAUD/SCAM. Robot-Voice talking "Fraud... FBI... connect you to a Social Security Officer"!! Watch out.


8593795427 or +18593795427

Tommy Forsell commented 2019-11-24
Probably an attempted fraud


4045943288 or +14045943288

Tuovi Sjölund commented 2019-11-24
This man i met on happypancake finnish dating site. He calls himself James and supposed to be a military guy in Syria even though this is a phonenumber in Georgia Usa


2017967000 or +12017967000

XYZ commented 2019-11-24
Scam number!


3175807722 or +13175807722

Rene commented 2019-11-23
Call me and hang out. I call back this num. It said is disconnected or no or


5125550979 or +15125550979

Hitch commented 2019-11-23
Missed call no voicemail no subsequent calls


5027678331 or +15027678331

Trina commented 2019-11-23
I received a message from this number 5027678331. They asked, who is this? I replied with my first name only and asked then, who they were. They did not respond back.


8603819999 or +18603819999

David commented 2019-11-23
You get a message on your computer telling you that your computer has been hacked and to call the number mentionned right away stating they are from Microsoft. When you call they want to connect with your computer and tell that you have to buy security softwear. I researched the telephone number and found out it was not Microsoft and thats when I hung up


6152355921 or +16152355921

Sam commented 2019-11-22
Fake brad paisley number lol


5512919000 or +15512919000

chris commented 2019-11-22
give information about the number


8004949104 or +18004949104

Cristina commented 2019-11-22
A male by the name of Erick McDonald called my mom this morning to get banking information stating that her auto maintenance plan expired and they would need to renew it. The number he gave my mom is: 1-800-494-9104. I called this # and it does not work. Unfortunately, my mom gave them some bank info and we notified our bank. THIS IS A SCAM!


8885114080 or +18885114080

gwen commented 2019-11-23
this nimber showed up on my bank and my bank stop this payment from going out


6142187276 or +16142187276

flex commented 2019-11-22
who called me yesterday?


8664422060 or +18664422060

DD commented 2019-11-22
scam, asked to call them because a virus got in my computer and my information where compromise. They pretended to be from microsoft


4159295255 or +14159295255

Kristine commented 2019-11-22
I received a robot call from this number that claimed it was the Chinese Consulate and the I had an important document waiting there.


2023018699 or +12023018699

Arrest warrant? commented 2019-11-22
Scammer/Spammer Message started with a woman in my sentence saying that they were going to issue a non-billable arrest warrant unless I called them back.


2103601614 or +12103601614

cherri commented 2019-11-22
they say my ss will be stopped dye to illegal activity


8002194304 or +18002194304

SUPPOSED TO BE KCPL commented 2019-11-22
They call pretending to be KCPL Kansas city power and light, it is a fraudster


8875009999 or +18875009999

Okoh Matthew commented 2019-11-22
i'M the owner of the number listed