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8666706451 or +18666706451

Scam number commented 2019-11-21
I accidentally called this number instead of 6461 and told them i need to pay my Citi card. They immediately asked for my card number. Lucky for me I realized I dialed the wrong number.


5152593384 or +15152593384

W Carter commented 2019-11-21
This phone number is being used in Abu Dubia


8005829578 or +18005829578

W Carter commented 2019-11-21
I received a call from this phone number claiming to be found my Social Security Department and said my social security number has been suspended because of suspicious activity and I want to know hood lights because I know for a fact Social Security Department does not make phone calls like that they will send you a letter certified in the mail first


6077380348 or +16077380348

Blinky commented 2019-11-21
Caller could hardly wait to say someone call me from this number? Another call I block you Elmira


4025003483 or +14025003483

bbtennessee commented 2019-11-21
no one on call. received call from 800-317-5351 immediately afterwards seeking Amazon account information. SCAM.


8003175351 or +18003175351

bbtennessee commented 2019-11-21
scam for Amazon account information.


6152082809 or +16152082809

Bon commented 2019-11-21
It's a Google number


7142725945 or +17142725945

jennifer commented 2019-11-21
texted to say I had won a gift card - suspect they are phishing


9472070138 or +19472070138

Rama commented 2019-11-21
Please give me more information about this phone number owner..Thanks


3029904323 or +13029904323

SANJAY commented 2019-11-21
I got offer latter from daliton Energy corporation US and person calling from +13029904323 and +13029904003 i would like to know who is this telling name Rechard Smith.


7754969464 or +17754969464

Naseem commented 2019-11-21


3308997867 or +13308997867

Dennis Sanders commented 2019-11-21
scam artist saying name was mike and is an FBI consultant. messaged me at 6:55 p.m. est 11/20/2019


4258194566 or +14258194566

Everett commented 2019-11-20
Missed calls, no message.


8665393457 or +18665393457

Felicia A Jackson commented 2019-11-20
A guy who said his name is Mark Brown, born in Pakistan says Social security # will be suspended. Government (Social Security) do NOT contact through phone call if it is something server they send out letters. Don't believe him.


8000945781 or +18000945781

ry commented 2019-11-20
calling under different numbers and telling my that my social security number will be permanently suspended if i don't press talk to them. Definitely scammers. Don"t pick up and block this number


4172286154 or +14172286154

Leslie commented 2019-11-20
Keeps calling but hangs up after I say hello a few times..


6266534462 or +16266534462

Mathew commented 2019-11-20
This number called without message. I suspect a hacking attempt from it


5851665164 or +15851665164

unavailable commented 2019-11-20
no message left but did get an earful of fax machine. LOL!


8555750318 or +18555750318

Mr. T commented 2019-11-20
Text for an invitation to go to a Trump rally.


8888993349 or +18888993349

Dewey commented 2019-11-20
Referred to themselves as Megan and that they are with the student loan advisory board to talk about how I qualified for student loan forgiveness and that I should call them soon before policies change. 1. I spoke directly with the Department of Education and have consulted with them that all future consulting would be done via email. 2. I contaced my student loan provider about phone calls from them and that they need to stop and that the DoE informed me that all consulting would be done by email. They messaged me back stating that they have never called me and that I should report any calls regarding my student loan to the FTC because it they are not calling me. "so aside from feeling like my loan providers are a lot of dumbass scammers because I have proof that they lied" there is also no directly noticed recognition of this phone number being associated with a specific organization... so 99.9% chance this is a scam/fraud call.