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8008137107 or +18008137107

Brad commented 2019-11-16
Scammer claiming to be social security .Saying faud detected on my acct and that they will take my assets and cancel my social security.


8661429520 or +18661429520

Rick commented 2019-11-16
Number is calling about your social security number.


8700000682 or +18700000682

Toño commented 2019-11-16
Son unos estorsionistas ladrones te dictan un codigo de 4 digitos para luego introducirlo en una base de datos y aceptes ciertos terminos luego te roban todo lo que tienes. No confien


6468306611 or +16468306611

Marcin commented 2019-11-16
Warning, cheater


6262769191 or +16262769191

pissed off commented 2019-11-16
This number was used to try and hack into my accounts!


3052033258 or +13052033258

Thee commented 2019-11-16
This number is scammer I know. Be aware of him


3474914618 or +13474914618

Orlando commented 2019-11-16
This is black mail number


9540474816 or +19540474816

Sameer Rockwell commented 2019-11-16
This number just called several times and asked me where Eniola was, I tried to talk to ask who asked her.


4343131716 or +14343131716

Nunya commented 2019-11-16


8000997887 or +18000997887

JT commented 2019-11-16
The female person on the other end of the line claimed to be from Apple Support and said my account with Apple had been hacked. I have nothing to do with Apple! She wanted me to call a certain number for more info. This is a complete scam. Beware.


6814414655 or +16814414655

George commented 2019-11-16
Unsolicited call.


8337725135 or +18337725135

Glenn commented 2019-11-15
Scam calls from this number claiming to be from the reference to a credit card


8006789675 or +18006789675

Amanda commented 2019-11-16
Called claiming social security fraud and filing a lawsuit unless I provide personal bank information


4434277540 or +14434277540

Jess commented 2019-11-15
Seems to be a scam


2393605547 or +12393605547

0Byte Solutions commented 2019-11-15
Automated call asking me to press one to verify my google business listing. Pressing one got an american sounding individual that asked me if I was the owner , then hung up on me. Low brow morons that don't even make an effort to try and scam someone. Calling the number back simply disconnected the call immediately.


8002360011 or +18002360011

SL DAVIS commented 2019-11-15
1-800-236-0011 A recording stated my social security number had been deleted. For like more info press #1. Social Security said it will NEVER leave a message like that on an answering machine. They will wait until they can speak with the recipient. Furthermore, they said under no circumstances do they delete a social security number.


8664091984 or +18664091984

Dawn commented 2019-11-15
Im not sure I'd this is legit or not. Left a message on my brother's voicemail. Said it was Allegheny county and didn't give a name


2144507903 or +12144507903

Corey Alllen Scam commented 2019-11-15
This is a scam this person took over 3700.00 from me. He will tell u that god told him to help you and than he will tell u to bless other and than he will pay couple of your bills. But trust me all the checks will get returned. He will go as far and give you his bank information to pay your bills. I hate the world we live in. Nobody cares about what are how they do individuals. Its sad when you say that you are doing goods work when u can't even know who he is if you could take money from someone because you made them fill obligated because u started out paying a bill for them. But he will say GOD told him to do it. He stated he has a daughter and a dead wife. Has several individual he will tell you to cash app or Zelle or even western union because he in jail, his daughter got to catch plane or he cannot pay u back because they have a freeze on his account. OH he also goes as far to send u a fake letter from Chase Bank stated you will get all your money and the date and time it will be release. He will tell you he looking for a relationship and wants to get married but he only wants to take your money. Don't be like me. Be better.


8774742072 or +18774742072

m commented 2019-11-15
Weird Social Security Call ?? Stating need to speak to a representative on work phone??


8448963176 or +18448963176

thomas kitchen commented 2019-11-15
I received the very warning call from 1-844-896-3176 about a very serious matter , and i was told to call back too keep from going to high court. Have no reason to be in any of illegal transactions. I felt threatened and scared.