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5084345644 or +15084345644

Ann commented 2019-11-08
This number keeps contacting me professing love for me and my daughter for $100 for a plane ticket to come be with us. States name is Elizabeth Mary Lemons age 33. This the 4th number they have contacted me from.


8555778462 or +18555778462

Akop akopyan commented 2019-11-08
Called me saying my social is wanted lol.


3233475385 or +13233475385

Jake commented 2019-11-08
Car insurance scam


8884381458 or +18884381458

Dave commented 2019-11-08
Got an automated voice message saying I was doing illegal activities and to call their number for help. They ended the message by wishing me a blessed day. Kinda creepy


8555778462 or +18555778462

Adrianne Ulrey commented 2019-11-08
Its a scam that tell you to call before your court date or before you are arrested. I have an 800 plus credit score. This is a scam. Beware.


8001387832 or +18001387832

Elizabeth commented 2019-11-08
this was a recording saying my Social Security number has been compromised and is being suspended, and was asked to 'press 1' to learn more. I hung up.


2090903201 or +12090903201

Eric commented 2019-11-08
robot saying the is investigation into my Social Security number and a warrant for my arrest is underway. Press # to find out more......


8662003406 or +18662003406

T commented 2019-11-08
This number is talking about legal documents that I have to sign when I receive them 866-200-3406


8004779192 or +18004779192

HY commented 2019-11-08
As soon as I answered, a recorded said hello and continued with stating my Social security information was involved in criminal activity and this was was the last time they would call me after several unsuccessful attempts and I was going to reported to the authorities. I could press "1" to speak with someone to clear up the matte, however. This call was received on my personal office phone which does have a public number. Obviously a scam.


8052144686 or +18052144686

John commented 2019-11-08
This number belongs to a catfish.


8337171647 or +18337171647

Neil Derr commented 2019-11-08
Caller ID indicated the caller was anonymous. Claimed they were calling from Volunteer Fireman Association.


7185345117 or +17185345117

Ori commented 2019-11-08
seems like a called call. Called back, just voice mail, which was full


8775759940 or +18775759940

Jon Renshaw commented 2019-11-08
Voicemail claimed that this was a number at which to call back the Social Security Administration. I assume it's a scam.


6469730742 or +16469730742

John commented 2019-11-08
Its a old friend


3370923690 or +13370923690

Peter Ross commented 2019-11-08
This number is from someone trying to scam visa


3477081496 or +13477081496

Ana commented 2019-11-08
This is green card scam


2672512858 or +12672512858

Stacey commented 2019-11-08
ValKozak Alisha Blake iminravenclaw Stacey FRAUDS


8552263492 or +18552263492

bobv commented 2019-11-08
appears to be some kind of credit card scam


8880103032 or +18880103032

Nazgul commented 2019-11-07
(888) 010-3032 is a scam caller. Don't answer.


8445850488 or +18445850488

Joan Pope commented 2019-11-07
Bank of America? Ironically, I got a text yesterday morning from ACTUAL Bank of America because of a fraudulent charge on my credit card to some website called "" (LOTS of complaints about *that* site when I googled *it*, BTW). So, my card is being cancelled, and a new one being issued, and they checked about some OTHER charges, and I was going, "Yeah, that's legit; yeah, that other one is legit; those other two? Think those are my husband's (turned out they were also legit). But I spent half the morning. Good to know that this is spam, so I will block the number.