Forum to exchange fast scan information about phone numbers in the US


8066301764 or +18066301764

R. commented 2019-11-05
She said she was from microsoft, but when I ask about more, and told her that if she needed something, she could tell the authorities about it. She hung up


2109149739 or +12109149739

Rach commented 2019-11-05
Its me. I was hacked.


8182751912 or +18182751912

Paco commented 2019-11-05
He says he is a roofer and is coming tomorrow to inspect the roof. Somehow, he has a way to hack the cellphone voice mail by leaving a message without your cellphone showing an incoming call


9085252168 or +19085252168

Erma Rea commented 2019-11-05
Male Hinge user was a little too eager to leave the platform and meet up the next day. Suggested going to his house and drinking tequila for a first time meeting.


7755398909 or +17755398909

Dee commented 2019-11-05
They said they were supporting the Veterans by making donations Veterans Assistance fofredonia


8007403512 or +18007403512

dil commented 2019-11-05
Chinese lady voice speaking- this message I have received from several numbers . all the time changing numbers, maybe more than 20 numbers


7189023498 or +17189023498

Jo commented 2019-11-05
Trying to locate owner of this number.


3699385173 or +13699385173

i'm scared commented 2019-11-04
this number wants to steal me


3852711233 or +13852711233

finder commented 2019-11-04
It's a scam.


8000136769 or +18000136769

Leopoldo Labra commented 2019-11-04
Lately I received many calls from different numbers one being this one with a threat of suspending my social security benefits if I do not call them back. I would like to know from where this calls or phones come from to identify and report them. I have not returned any of their request.


8005310314 or +18005310314

Don T. commented 2019-11-05
Claims to be SSI and a arrest warrant for criminal activity in my name has been issued. Talk to their rep. or face arrest. D.


8004376155 or +18004376155

Bob commented 2019-11-04


8664423069 or +18664423069

Omar commented 2019-11-04
Company is a scam. It’s main targets are the elderly. My grandparents received a call from this number and they were lied to by them into believing it was a legitimate company. They ultimately stole $6,000 from my grandparents.


8006671129 or +18006671129

Rydberg commented 2019-11-04
Another worthless site run by idiots.


8306401929 or +18306401929

mike commented 2019-11-04
Recorded calling telling me my social security number has been used at the Texas boarder


2128968349 or +12128968349

Ken commented 2019-11-04
Got a called regarding a document sent from Republic of China(I have no idea). Today is the last day to complain it! I hung up. I don't know anyone from China, I don't work for China or the US government for that matter. I'm just a normal Joe.


3254804487 or +13254804487

jose garcia commented 2019-11-04
spam call re social security number


8004321044 or +18004321044

BANK OF AMERICA CHINEESE SCAM!!!!!!!!! commented 2019-11-04
FAKE BANK !!!!!!!


8448347331 or +18448347331

john commented 2019-11-04
scam number do not call or hang up if they call you.


5312141256 or +15312141256

Michaela commented 2019-11-04
This number text both my number and my mothers cell number (word for word) offering to buy my house and listed my exact address... I did not response and advised my mother not to respond either