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8015120157 or +18015120157

Oscar commented 2019-11-04
Possible scammer....


7086698298 or +17086698298

Bernard Roland commented 2019-11-04
The person attracts women first, then chats on Whatsapp with them and step by step develops as lovers. Suddenly one day he pretends to be in personal danger and asks emergent help which demads to send money to somewhere such as in India, Malaysia for paying Customs fee. And promise he will very soon refund money back just after 2 or 3 days later when he gets salary. When the relationship develops further more, he will send gifts to the woman who he called as lover, but very soon the gifts package has been transported in Malaysia Customs, and need to pay a big amount of dollars for Customs fee to make documents cover for delievery. When the lover as the receiver of the package paid it, the New problem appears. The Customs have found big amount of money insider the package, and demand the receive must pay more, such as $5000 for fixing the Anti money laudering certificate in order to send the package leagally. Otherwise the receive is in very dangerous situation and they will leave the package to the Malaysia goverment. In this fall, it becomes moneywash. So the guy is totally a cheater and gets money by using love relationship.


5308050408 or +15308050408

Joe commented 2019-11-04
He calls ask's for alice. either one will do. Veterans.? 530805 0408


3053635017 or +13053635017

Dirk Bochmann commented 2019-11-04
This is the representative of Newtech Industrial Pty. ltd.


6314889957 or +16314889957

Dirk Bochmann commented 2019-11-04
This is our office number for Newtech Industrial Pty. Ltd.


2156189742 or +12156189742

Calvin W. Smith Jr commented 2019-11-04
who is this person that has te?xted me from this number


8002332219 or +18002332219

Michael commented 2019-11-04
It's a fake police call, trying to get your social. They say it's suspended because of suspicion activates


4432363638 or +14432363638

Susan commented 2019-11-04
Scam - notifying me I have a cashback from Bell Mobility. I don't use Bell


4044144061 or +14044144061

4044244062 commented 2019-11-04
Checking for spam


6178284984 or +16178284984

Tammy commented 2019-11-04
VERY illegal call... called at 0630! Stupid robodialers.


8007177247 or +18007177247

Juan Arias commented 2019-11-04
Tratan de robarte asciendo se pasar por DP&L con la escuda de que tienes una orden de desconexión por no pagar y pagar un tienes que comprar un seguro para que no te desconecten. Están llamando a personas que no hablen Inglés


2091498614 or +12091498614

Gm commented 2019-11-04
Phone recording states my social security number has been compromised! I hung up!


8003416194 or +18003416194

Juan Arias commented 2019-11-04
Scam pretending to be from Electric company and trying to make you believe your payments have been going to a different account and telling you you have to buy a insurance for not being disconnected.


2394614291 or +12394614291

0Byte Solutions commented 2019-11-04
SPANISH ROBODIALER SCAM - I don't speak Spanish, I pressed 1 & after a couple minutes of hold with spanish-speaking messages a person answered. When I said "I don't speak Spanish" the promptly hung up on me. Calling back gets dead-air and then disconnects after 60 seconds.


8776263852 or +18776263852

Traoré commented 2019-11-04
Ce numéro me bippe à tout moment et je ne sais pas de qui il est.


5120559765 or +15120559765

Dankell commented 2019-11-04
Left message saying.. Ssn has been suspended? Called SS department for Investigation


7204637355 or +17204637355

Anonymous commented 2019-11-04
Been getting harrassed by different numbers.


6193824518 or +16193824518

Beto commented 2019-11-04
Hola Sandra


4706322012 or +14706322012

Anon commented 2019-11-04


3150213753 or +13150213753

Catherine Chu commented 2019-11-04
Seems to be a number used for scamming purposes