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8887656494 or +18887656494

tsub2022 commented 2019-11-02
They called telling me they were from CenterPoint Energy and an employee would arrive at my house in 30 mins to turn my electricity off if I did not call another number back to pay the bill. Well, I don't have CenterPoint Energy, I use another Electric Company, and my bill is certainly NOT past due.


2010952073 or +12010952073

Pat commented 2019-11-02
Credit card caller, did not ask for a specific name, did not say who they were. The voice seemed dull and monotone, rather stupid actually, not a recording sounding person(?). The said charges of $380.00 and $1000.00 plus had been charged to my credit card and that I had to press 1 to have these charges dismissed or cancelled.


6464611722 or +16464611722

Anastasia Lysenko commented 2019-11-02
This is false information, I applied for a job. The company has never requested contract insurance if you are an American citizen and only requests if you are a non-American citizen. And this contract insurance is a sum from $ 1,000 to $ 3,000 maximum depending on the position and duration of the contract. About the person who wrote the post, I asked the company and the company showed me an apology letter signed by Jason Malone, who wrote this post. The date of the apology letter is 26/03/2018, which is approximately one month after the date of this post. Do not rely on this post or make any decisions based on this post. I advise you to contact directly with the company and discuss with them all your questions.


2703175324 or +12703175324

Dakota Shafer commented 2019-11-02


4044682491 or +14044682491

71 commented 2019-11-02
I searched and comes up as kem Carter but tells me his name is Avery


6572211066 or +16572211066

Vien commented 2019-11-02
I have the same story. He also sent me this number of his (+16572211066). Just be careful


5712063783 or +15712063783

Aussie commented 2019-11-02
Scamming people in Australia on


9165820165 or +19165820165

pissed commented 2019-11-02
the guy calls Kerstin, has a wife and a child. So get ready. This is not a normal guy.


3129898665 or +13129898665

tom commented 2019-11-02
not a robot


5756139077 or +15756139077

joice commented 2019-11-02


4144162207 or +14144162207

Darwin L Huebner commented 2019-11-01
It didn't find the numbe


9206381965 or +19206381965

Samantha commented 2019-11-01
Her name is Rucha Vivek Matange. Have you looked yourself in the mirror. your face is ughh. She is short, fat & equivalent to a you know . she speaks broken English and is a big time scammer. +919764881358


9206381965 or +19206381965

Matthew commented 2019-11-01
Her name is Rucha Vivek Matange. Have you looked yourself in the mirror


8085076270 or +18085076270

T commented 2019-11-01
Ignored call. Who called didn't leave message.


8002067200 or +18002067200

Eleonore commented 2019-11-01
Seems to be a spam, talking about social number...


3239891405 or +13239891405

Saeid commented 2019-11-01
She is fraudster


3232180018 or +13232180018

Ariana commented 2019-11-01
Phone belongs to Church of Satan


9712603341 or +19712603341

Cat commented 2019-11-01
Received a text: Hi my name is Charlotte and I'm a local real estate investor, are you the owner of xxxxxx? I'm looking to buy property in Portland and was hoping to get in touch with the owner.


7816567430 or +17816567430

Moi commented 2019-11-01
Regina345 on POF Contacted me. Says that her name is Melody and a single parent visiting Spain. On her profile it says that she is from Los Angeles and never had children. Wants to email, does not answer questions. Now wants to WhatsApp on +1781657430


4404826398 or +14404826398

Dave commented 2019-11-01
Slam Claims to be with ird