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4404826398 or +14404826398

Dave commented 2019-11-01
Slam Claims to be with ird


7372362541 or +17372362541

Possibly scam in Oregon commented 2019-11-01
The number 737-236-2541 left a message saying it was Social Security. I am relatively certain Social Security does not make personal phone calls. Beware.


8886593655 or +18886593655

Claudia commented 2019-11-01
Alert in the computer to call them because the computer was blocked! Don’t turn it off the computer message. Scam! Turn off! Be careful which website you are visiting! In our case it was on msm website link to the most expensive houses from the stars! Silly me for being curious!


6156199995 or +16156199995

Tj commented 2019-11-01
+18008293381 called my cell as I was leaving the house.. said this was their last attempt to contact me before my social security number would be suspended and charges would be filed because of the fraudulent activity associated with my social security number.. If I didn't press one and talk to someone, it would be considered ... Something.. I forget the word they used.. I realized it was bullsh*t.. but I was in a mood so I pressed one.. the woman who answered had an accent I didn't recognize.. and I could hear alot of noise from a call center, boiler room environment. When I asked her what exactly did she mean .. that my S.S. number would be suspended? I've never heard of such a thing.. she knew I wasn't an idiot and they hung up on me.. lol. Then I blocked the number..


9017643657 or +19017643657

Carol commented 2019-11-01
message: number cannot be dialed, please hang up and try your call again.


6156199995 or +16156199995

Anonymously commented 2019-11-01
"Call back to speak to a federal agent about your criminal offense." SCAM ALERT. I have zero criminal offenses. Phishing for personal info. Desperate dirty low IQ scammers!!!


8004381326 or +18004381326

Homer commented 2019-11-01
Third call today from some phone number with no apparent owner. Suspect SCAM!


2138025149 or +12138025149

sdfgdf commented 2019-11-01


2053903378 or +12053903378

chuck commented 2019-11-01
called me & would not talk


2539995904 or +12539995904

Stan commented 2019-11-01
This is a scam about social security saying you need to contact them immediately. Don't do it.


2697402901 or +12697402901

Linda commented 2019-11-01
Called, I did not answer, left no message.


9142656305 or +19142656305

Elliot commented 2019-11-01
Called me several times just now, at least 5, and when I decided to answer they asked how my computer was running. I told them it wasn't even on and they proceeded to get mad, and I proceeded to call them a dumbass. I hung up amandd they called again.


8005809673 or +18005809673

AARON commented 2019-11-01


7161300311 or +17161300311

Me commented 2019-11-01
Unknown caller to me. No message left.


8001364134 or +18001364134

ringo commented 2019-11-01


2093727769 or +12093727769

EJ commented 2019-11-01
This is a number claiming to be from "Quick Loan Company". The caller was of a foreign decent, which said her name was Sarah Young or Yong. She said I was approved for a personal loan of 4k, 130.00 a month repayment plan for 36 months. Upon calling the number back, it remained busy. Be leary of this number, it has the evidence of a scam.


5341700349 or +15341700349

LABARCHEDE commented 2019-11-01
Appel manqué le 01/11/19 à 13:02 53 41700349 Sancti Spiritus Province


8552311113 or +18552311113

Duc Nguyen commented 2019-11-01
Số điện thoại lừa đảo


2028775559 or +12028775559

DC Resident commented 2019-11-01
Rudely Received a call from this number at 2:07 AM in the morning.


5512409496 or +15512409496

alex john commented 2019-11-01