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2696196000 or +12696196000

Leanne Stack-Martin commented 2019-11-01
The telephone number for my residential landline is a published number, and at 8:30 pm (EST), someone called my landline from this number, asked for me by name & then hung up. I used the *69 service to locate this number, but when I dialed it, I was advised that my call could not be completed as dialed. I haven't been able to find out anything about this number, except that it is a Michigan Area Code.


4329991103 or +14329991103

juan commented 2019-11-01


2392566445 or +12392566445

name commented 2019-11-01
who is this


9896192100 or +19896192100

John Doe commented 2019-10-31
This number keeps calling my house and will not identify themselves or attempt to communicate in any fashion. These scammers need to be stopped and punished severely. I called this number back and it says it has been disconnected or changed and was a Verizon phone.


9513914883 or +19513914883

Tim commented 2019-10-31
This number and others similar to it text me every day saying I used their internet and I'm a lucky winner of a iPhone 11. Bery tired of this stupid crap thanks Mr Obama.


8003931505 or +18003931505

Angela Coldewey commented 2019-10-31
Charge on my account to this number. Had a very hard getting anyone. Eye hung up on me now after hours recording. Very frustrating. They offer freee cruises chance at $1000 gift card. I am getting money back. Have no idea how they got my info. Never said who they were.


7209234525 or +17209234525

Charlie commented 2019-10-31
This user asks for investment bitcoins to earn money which I see as a scam. I didn't fall into his trap but I want to report it


2020082111 or +12020082111

Sherry commented 2019-10-31
This number call me yesterday and they keep calling me saying I got a grant and saying I have to pay $200.00 to get this grant that's a bush of scam I know better a grant is free I keep blocking the calls they still come up with another number to call me so is this number really from the grant department in Washington DC if not don't nobody answer like I did it's a scam.


8044291636 or +18044291636

Jml commented 2019-10-31
Stalker. For money At first, set up on FB. I'm very angry


8126472922 or +18126472922

Anonymous commented 2019-10-31
Heavy breathing. No context.


8009371402 or +18009371402

Jim commented 2019-10-31
Scam call


9793359382 or +19793359382

mia commented 2019-10-31
Scam Number requesting social security information


2161567897 or +12161567897

Sam commented 2019-10-31
Unknown to me. I did not answer. Robocall suspected.


4698348889 or +14698348889

Unknown commented 2019-10-31
They called and when called back let it go to voicemail then text that they didn't call


8004863902 or +18004863902

B. Holt commented 2019-10-31
Rewards center claiming they have a 100.00 reward in my name. Received notice in mail to call. Upon calling claimed I would only have to pay 1.99 shipping to get reward. Scam?? Unknown


8669867551 or +18669867551

Cat commented 2019-10-31
They are a scam, they call blocked and give you this number to call back to steal your money with a lame scam....they even give you a reference number to try to be legit


6174962495 or +16174962495

Car Warranty commented 2019-10-31
I received several calls from this number. This "company" calls about renovating your car warranty even if you do not have a car.


8135403694 or +18135403694

Prosper commented 2019-10-31
This number called me I don't know anyone in Florida +18135403694


2126743055 or +12126743055

Kashmere commented 2019-10-31
This number keeps calling me and my family members trying to scam. +12126743055


2094881688 or +12094881688

unhappy commented 2019-10-31
scam number