Forum to exchange fast scan information about phone numbers in the US


2020178409 or +12020178409

Regan Donahue commented 2019-10-31
Was told that this was a give grant worth $9,000. Did not have to repay. Was given a code number to activate account


4012050411 or +14012050411

Swift commented 2019-10-31
Did not recognize number so did not answer. It did not indicate who was calling. So assumed it was a scam call. Put on "Block" list.


8009076812 or +18009076812

Roy commented 2019-10-31
Called my cell but did not leave a message.


8332854101 or +18332854101

Victoria commented 2019-10-31
Threatening phone call


8664092195 or +18664092195

Heywood Jableaumi commented 2019-10-31
An amusing little scam, that. One where an official sounding recording informing me that my social security number has been suspended, commanding me to press "1" before my case is transferred to federal court and I am arrested. Really? And what IS my name and social security number, hmm? Oh, you're NOT a phishing scam or a con, in any way, shape or form...


2057843295 or +12057843295

Jus saying commented 2019-10-31
The lady said her name was Grace and she claim to be from SSDisibility she said I ask online (no I didn't) about hearing aids. This was about the3rd call all different numbers, I block one & tell them not to call back & they call from another number a few days later.


6161030520 or +16161030520

felicity commented 2019-10-31


5120466854 or +15120466854

Douglas commented 2019-10-31
Called but no message left. Probably telemarketer or robocall


8039409595 or +18039409595

eys commented 2019-10-31


8066312690 or +18066312690

VICTORIA commented 2019-10-31
Llaman hablando en inglés diciendo que son de Microsoft y que mi ordenador tiene un virus y que tengo que abrir el ordenador para arreglar el tema con ellos me pareció un timo y colgué


3154101967 or +13154101967

Jewish Defense Organization commented 2019-10-31
It is a scam low lives pretending to help police.


6199091055 or +16199091055

vanessa perez commented 2019-10-31


8555401050 or +18555401050

WB commented 2019-10-31
message claims it is a chance to eliminate your student loan debt


2542688763 or +12542688763

MARKS commented 2019-10-31


8006724153 or +18006724153

Karen commented 2019-10-31
Called at 6:30 in the morning did not leave a message.


9154907452 or +19154907452

Spam and scam number commented 2019-10-31
Spam and scam number


6469489029 or +16469489029

Cole Smith commented 2019-10-31
This person is a fraud who called themselves "Vickie" who was trying to get me to send them my PayPal email in order to scam me out of something they were "buying" off eBay. They aggressively texted me asking me to send my personal information and after texting them I have been receiving a bunch of scammer calls from different phone numbers. Beware of this person.


8502524250 or +18502524250

Connie commented 2019-10-31
I got a call from that number


6822659050 or +16822659050

Amy commented 2019-10-31
This is Spam. They called after 9 pm with an automated bull****


8442611538 or +18442611538

Paul Smith commented 2019-10-31
They called several times but left no message. Called back - it was Virgin Mobile, probably sales.