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8007675525 or +18007675525

JK commented 2020-01-27
Caller was automated voice stating my Social had been compromised. Was asked to stay on line to be connected to officer. I disconnected the call and then called number back. Hit 1 to get past the over 50 blah blah and the person tried to sell me an alert button. I disconnected call


8006738515 or +18006738515

Jim commented 2020-01-27
SCAMMER! Robocalled my GOVERNMENT office with a recorded message claiming to be Apple...when I pressed 1 to speak with a person, I heard a couple echoing voices in the background and asked where they were located...she hung up on me.


4804849975 or +14804849975

Arizona Resident commented 2020-01-27
This number keeps calling & no one is there they are nuisance, harrassment calls and need to Stop! Will be reporting them to police for harrassment


8007950459 or +18007950459

lopez commented 2020-01-27
called in Spanish language about electric will be disconnected in 30 minutes if you do not return the call, SCAM ALERT


9386668192 or +19386668192

Dale commented 2020-01-27
Social Security SCAM


8009203310 or +18009203310

James Ewanyk commented 2020-01-27
believe subjects are running fraud scheme. state my electric is getting shutoff due to none payment. contacted NYSEG and confirmed eveything is okay. spoke with three different people at this number and they hung up upon questioning. number is 1-800-920-3310


6071780587 or +16071780587

Catherine commented 2020-01-27
This number has called numerous times never leaving a message always hanging up.


5744512188 or +15744512188

FW commented 2020-01-27
Fraud. Searching infos on Crédit carda #


2108888386 or +12108888386

Undolf commented 2020-01-27
Obvious scam threatening “legal proceedings” over social security. Broken English.


8455804104 or +18455804104

Ayman commented 2020-01-27
Swindler sharper


2318367565 or +12318367565

Satan Claus * commented 2020-01-27
There are 6 complaints about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Computer Maintenance Scam".


8006440063 or +18006440063

Kamal * commented 2020-01-27
This is a spam call with some kind of survey


8773849041 or +18773849041

Olivia * commented 2020-01-27
Oh no, this is Spectrum again with its spam


8885225994 or +18885225994

Irvine * commented 2020-01-27
I didn’t understand anything because of the strong accent of the caller, something about the debit card ...


8447473880 or +18447473880

Charles * commented 2020-01-27
It was a call from Spectrum about an overdue payment on the bill, but the bill is not mine


8032328869 or +18032328869

D. Murrain commented 2020-01-27
Caller claimed to be from victims complaint bureau. Stated number should be called back.


5154780801 or +15154780801

anando commented 2020-01-27
Sir please contact me i need your help.


5022905559 or +15022905559

Robert Pattinson commented 2020-01-27
Esta persona usa este número con ese nombre parece que no es real no se si son estafadores pueden ustedes averiguar gracias


5184565717 or +15184565717

Safy commented 2020-01-27
This number is impersonating famous people and using fake account. He or she is claiming the he is an Arabian princess and lives in Dubai while his number is from New York. Beware.


4705058154 or +14705058154

fred commented 2020-01-27
whats up