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4690874521 or +14690874521

John Davis commented 2019-07-18
Possible SPAM


3526357570 or +13526357570

stlarry commented 2019-07-18
Missed call, no message, blocked.


8000946801 or +18000946801

AC commented 2019-07-18
Spam, ask about SSN


8665055658 or +18665055658

Frances commented 2019-07-18
Got same call, before they left the no. 866-505-5658, they called from private number. When I asked why was this person calling private if she was from a legit company, and she sounded like a scammer, she simply said people are WORD CENSORED and she doesn't like it. I again told her she was a scam, told me why should she tell me anything when I wouldn't tell her my name GO FIGURE! I hung up on her she immediately called back left a msg saying I had to call 8665055658 before end of day or legal action would be taken without my consent. Scammers are getting smarter people, watch out. second phone call this week that was a scam, and they don't even realize they aren't talking to whom they ask for!


8005680399 or +18005680399

LASH commented 2019-07-18
asked me to verify my full social and date of birth. When I asked who was calling me they said they have to protect personal information and then was very rude and hung up on me


8665055658 or +18665055658

Frances commented 2019-07-18
I just got the same phone call, when I asked who she was, why she called from a private number she told me because people are Aholes to her and she doesn't like it, I told her maybe if she told us who the heck she was I'd talk to her, I hung up, she called back say I must call 866055658 or they would make a legal decision on my behalf at end of day with a case file. So even if it says 'private number' don't answer unless you know it's a family member from a restricted number. SCAMMERS just out to get and prey on the elderly!!! Shame on them! What if that was their family?


7136720564 or +17136720564

Bo commented 2019-07-18
I did not answer because I don’t know anyone in Houston. They did not leave a message. So I still don’t know who called so I guess it’s a SCAM from Japan or China.


4708632652 or +14708632652

T.D. commented 2019-07-18
Data phishing call-center is using this "spoofing" number! Exactly formatted as +1 (470) 863 2652 If I asked, where are you from?... the Lady don't know her location. They don't say their Name and Company. Listens like a russian Person / Organisation.


2122181360 or +12122181360

Alysha commented 2019-07-18
This number called me. They are a scam they are rude and threatening to call me everyday of my life. When I asked them to remove my number. They got mad when I called them out for being a scam as well.


7182160289 or +17182160289

Lety Ramírez commented 2019-07-18
Recibo acoso sexual constante de este número de teléfono.


8003529902 or +18003529902

Michigan Resident commented 2019-07-18
Call is in regards to suspicious activity with my SSN. Sounds like another scam.


7741422341 or +17741422341

France G. commented 2019-07-18
who called me?


8002090881 or +18002090881

annoyed commented 2019-07-18
Called saying my SSN was compromised, pretty sure it's a scam. Robotics voice was speaking on the phone.


3202044002 or +13202044002

Hcgvbnj commented 2019-07-18
who called me?


9543753334 or +19543753334

Gift card commented 2019-07-18
They call me too


7308232762 or +17308232762

Mary commented 2019-07-18
Robo call, visa scam.


3215575973 or +13215575973

Edward commented 2019-07-18
+13215575973 guy calling saying i have job opening for lawn care in palm bay fl. He keeps calling and i dont know what he ia talking about. I searched cregslist help wanted and did not see any poat with my name and number.


8034089761 or +18034089761

Sushmita * commented 2019-07-18
I think this number may be a spammer because of the speed at which they hung up before they answered the phone.


2177510188 or +12177510188

Guru * commented 2019-07-18
Calls only a short time. I tried to call back, but this is not the number that receives incoming calls


3055096850 or +13055096850

Nita * commented 2019-07-18
This is a scam. They try to say that you are who you are not, and they want you to send money.