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Last comments


3159781243 or +13159781243

Vibhuti Singh commented 2019-03-20
I'm from India this number was used to hack into my sons account of facebook


6072601226 or +16072601226 commented 2019-03-20
I want to find out who owns this number +16072601226.?


7645844520 or +17645844520

Sabi commented 2019-03-20
This number hacked my phone Im from germany and have the same number with +49


2622366690 or +12622366690

Pacheco commented 2019-03-20
This is a fucking Nigerian scaming people


2622366690 or +12622366690

Pacheco commented 2019-03-20
This is a fucking Nigerian scaming people


8772497134 or +18772497134

Mike commented 2019-03-19
Just happened to me


8007579571 or +18007579571

Nicole commented 2019-03-20
These are rude scam artists. They say that your SS # has been suspended, there is a warrant for your arrest, etc. Hang up as fast as possible.


6165827579 or +16165827579

Peggy commented 2019-03-19
Partial message on answering machine... "if this is not your transaction, press 1 to be connected to Amazon Security." Very suspicious!!!


8001667749 or +18001667749

ADM commented 2019-03-19
Scam phone call. Mandarin language recording


9418693487 or +19418693487

D H Mellon commented 2019-03-19
Googled this number and info indicates 869 from Russia. Clicked on further link and language was Russian with pics on a web page. Didn't want to go further on my compueter and pick up problems.