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Last comments


5108563444 or +15108563444

medical office commented 2020-02-21
bloody chinese pissant! or douchebag!


2134603173 or +12134603173 commented 2020-02-21
The call: 12134603173, was about my ss being in default. (Please call this number to understand why.) I did not call back, ss never leave a phone number too call back. SCAM is what i think.


6197181358 or +16197181358

Bella commented 2020-02-21
Want to know the owner of this number.


2029314113 or +12029314113

Sam commented 2020-02-21
This is a scam posing as a Social Security agency. Do not trust them. They try to say you commmited a crime and you have to give them your SSN to verify if you are in danger. Do not believe them.


7865910474 or +17865910474

Smtih commented 2020-02-21
Saying I've purchased a subscription from them but want say what company they are or what kind of subscription that was purchased just keep saying they charging my account $300 for the subscription


5026114601 or +15026114601

Dawn commented 2020-02-21


2241306279 or +12241306279

Joseph Hero commented 2020-02-21
They said I had to update my receiver for Direct tv . Then they wanted $165.00 from a credit card that would be refunded in 6 mounts.


8604211505 or +18604211505

Phillip commented 2020-02-21
This phone number is owned by a vacuum cleaner company.


2014160374 or +12014160374

David commented 2020-02-21
Missed the call. but did not call back.


8559572044 or +18559572044

dd commented 2020-02-21
It's a scam!