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Last comments


8777881897 or +18777881897

IRS Scam commented 2019-04-25
Stated they are the IRS and press 1 to talk to someone. After pressing one, the guy stated he was the IRS and how could he help, I told him he called me, and he continued to tell me he did not call me. IRS SCAM, do not answer


4158523522 or +14158523522

Mac commented 2019-04-25
Keep getting calls from this number and its someone speaking an Asian language. When I call it back, it asks to have me press 1 to be connected. A man answered hello and when asked what company this is, he rudely tells me I called him. Told him that I'm getting calls from this number daily and he continued to cut me off saying they aren't calling me and the lines are crossed. Still have no idea what company he works for but seems very shady. Blocked the number.


8001253043 or +18001253043

Mika commented 2019-04-25
This is a scammer claiming to be from the Social Security Administration stating that my social security number has been suspended due to suspicious activity. Did not follow the prompts to talk to an SSA agent. Obviously a scam


6026073784 or +16026073784

Shaun commented 2019-04-25
Scam/Spam. Keeps asking about a property they want to buy. I do not own. Then a robot responds with the same auto response.


8553410224 or +18553410224

Tia commented 2019-04-25
Automated call - stating I am being investigate for several matters wanted to verify personal information work home.. Is this another robo call


8556063493 or +18556063493

Ale commented 2019-04-25
This number was used to steal founds from my CC


5078067972 or +15078067972

Ron commented 2019-04-25
Contacted by tthrew email and given this number to call by someone claiming we talked awhile back I believe it to be a scammers


3363315317 or +13363315317

C Meranda commented 2019-04-25
Received text that said the text was intended for me from Sabrina Terry. Idk a Sabrina Terry, I didn't ask for the text, haven't signed up for anything recently.


2542363962 or +12542363962

Anne Coline commented 2019-04-25


2542363962 or +12542363962

Anne Colleen commented 2019-04-25